Pacific Psychology & Comprehensive Health Clinic Hillsboro

Pacific Psychology & Comprehensive Health Clinic provides outpatient assessment and therapy services to children, adults, couples and families in the Portland area. We offer counseling and therapy for depression, anxiety, relationship problems, PTSD, and a wide range of other concerns. We also offer assessment and testing for learning disabilities, ADHD and diagnostic clarification.

We are committed to making psychological services affordable and accessible to all eligible clients. Our therapists and supervisors are strongly committed to and interested in working with clients from diverse backgrounds, and we welcome those from all ages, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions and sexual orientations.

The Pacific Psychology & Comprehensive Health Clinic is one of the main internship and practicum training sites for Pacific University doctoral psychology students and interns. Our therapists are advanced doctoral psychology students supervised by experienced, licensed psychologists.

Pacific Psychology Clinic partners with Theravive to offer low cost counseling to those in need.