Afree Bike

Anyone in the University community who wants wheels for a quick ride across campus or across town can become a member of the Afree Bike Association. With your free registration you can pick-up a bike from the Outback Office on 21st Ave. near Maggie's Buns between 9:00-5:00pm.  It is that simple! Afree Bike are Kona one-size-fits-all frames with one speed gear set-ups.These bikes were chosen for the simple fact that they are "Africa Tough." In addition to their burliness, our purchase of "Africa One" bikes from Kona supports healthcare workers in remote villages. For every two we buy, one is sent to Africa.

ReCycle Bike

You can rent a ReCycles bike from Outback for only:

The yearly rental fee includes a $20 maintenance plan and U-lock. Light packages are also available for only $5. Outback, with the help of Portland-based Community Cycling Center, custom built the ReCycles bikes from the discarded and recycled bicycle parts. All proceeds from their purchase support bike education and advocacy programs in our area.

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips

  1. Wear a helmet.
  2. Use lights when riding at night(white in front/red in back).
  3. Don't ride on sidewalks. Sidewalks are for walking.
  4. Ride WITH the flow of traffic, not against.
  5. Signal your turns with your left hand; it's the one cars will see when you ride with the flow of traffic.
  6. Be aware of your surrounding (you are responsible for your own safety).
  7. Walk the bike through crosswalks
  8. Always lock the frame, not wheels, seats or forks.
  9. Be seen. Wear bright clothes.
  10. Maintain your bike. Tire pressure, good brakes and chain lube are important.