Trip Schedule

Register for Trips in the Milky Way at 2017 21st Avenue. You will find us next to Maggie's Buns.

Spring Trips



Rainy weather keeping you from adventure? Indoor rock climbing is a great way to be active and have fun when the weather keeps you from getting outside. Shoes, harnesses, and other climbing gear provided.

Thursday nights January - May from 6 - 9 pm.

Student Cost | $10

Non-Student Cost | $15
Non-Affiliate Cost | $20


SURFING | Oregon Coast

This trip is welcome to all sufers! Whether or not you have surfed before, this trip is designed for everyone! The cost covers gear rental, instruction, and transportation.

April | 13th

May | 4th

Student Cost | $35

Non-Student Cost | $50
Non-Affiliate Cost | $65

ROCK CLIMBING | Columbia River Gorge

Spend a day climbing in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge! This trip is geared toward climbers of all skill levels, so all are welcome. Gear, instruction, and transportation are included.

April | 19th

Student Cost | $35

Non-Student Cost | $50
Non-Affiliate Cost | $65


HIKING | Coast Range

What better way to blow off some semester steam than to take a hike through the wilderness.  Rain or shine, we have what you need to get you up the mountain!

April | 19th

Student Cost | $5

Non-Student Cost | $10
Non-Affiliate Cost | $20


RAFTING | Location TBA

Looking for a trip with a little more action? Come white water rafting with us!  The white water always provides a rush for the adrenaline junkie. 

April | 27th

May | 3rd

Student Cost | $35

Non-Student Cost | $45
Non-Affiliate Cost | $85


SEA KAYAKING | Oregon Coast

Our experienced boaters will take you for a tranquil day on the water.  A perfect way to get yourself away from studying and restore your mind!

May | 3rd

Student Cost | $35

Non-Student Cost | $50
Non-Affiliate Cost | $65


Specialty Series


This non-credit spring series provides an opportunity for those who are a little more adventurous to try out their skills in a white water kayak.  Previous kayaking experience is preferred but not required.  Sign up by April 11th.

Pool Sessions | April 18th, 25th, & May 2nd

Lake Session | April 30th

River Days | May 3rd - 4th

Student Cost | $250

Non-Student Cost | $450

SEA KAYAKING | San Juan Islands

Paddle around the San Juan Islands and camp while enjoying the beautiful scenery.  View the spectacular wildlife and landscapes while you move through the tranquil water. 

June 17th - 21st

Student Cost | $300

Non-Student Cost | $425



This mountaineering series will include a few class sessions, a training day, and finish with a seven day summit attempt of Mt. Rainier.  The series will help develop your mountaineering skills and reward wyou with an exciting trip and great people.

Summit Attempt June 25th - July 2nd

Student Cost | $450

Non-Student Cost | $600
Non-Affiliate Cost | $750













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