On-Campus Interview

Based on the review of the application by the Admissions Committee, the most competitive applicants are invited for an on-campus personal interview. The interview is required and is a strong contributing factor in the admission decision. It allows the Admissions Committee to assess essential skills and factors which may not be reflected in the application. In the interview, consideration is given to candidates’ knowledge of the profession, motivation toward a career as a Physician Assistant, ability to think clearly and logically, self-confidence, verbal expression of ideas and program compatibility.

The interview will be conducted over a full day and will include

Admission interviews are held one each in October, November and December

Invited interview candidates will receive a 2-3 week notice to allow time to arrange travel and accommodations. The interview packet will provide further information about the area and recommended places to stay. The interview will take place at Pacific University's Health Professions Campus and can be accessed via the MAX Light Rail Transit train from the Portland metro area.