Pacesetters Scholarship Competition - 2014

Reimbursement for Travel Costs

The Office of Admissions will reimburse up to $350 for the cost of a student (not the guest) who attend the Pacesetters Scholarship Competition event under the following parameters.


Please note that we do not reimburse for hotel rooms, mileage, or rental cars.

Reimbursements are made out to the name as it appears on the receipt. If you would like the check to be sent to the student, please send a written letter requesting this with the receipt. Please include the student’s full name and Pacific University address. We are unable to “credit” a student’s account with these funds so a check would be mailed.

Receipts and reimbursement requests can be sent to the following address.

Danice Shulund
Pacific University

Office of Admissions
2043 College Way
Forest Grove, Oregon 97116

If you have any further questions regarding the reimbursement procedure, please call the Office of Admissions at 800.677.6712 or email