Program Overview

Students in class, during a lecture

The School of Pharmacy at Pacific University offers a three-year curriculum leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree. The School is located in Hillsboro, Oregon in a new state-of-the-art Health Professions building. The new Hillsboro Campus

comprised of six health professional programs (including pharmacy) provides a rich and diverse learning environment for the student population. Developing opportunities for student interaction and collaboration is a focus of the faculties from the different disciplines.

The program admitted its first class in the Fall of 2006. Average class size is about 98 students.

The competency-based curriculum (PDF), with courses delivered in a modified block design, supports our mission. The structure provides a schedule that allows students to study one topic at a time before moving on to another content area.  This method of education allows students to master each topic with a high level of mastery and promotes the integration of concepts in a planned and sequential manner. The competency-based design encourages team work and collaboration among students and removes the competitive nature characteristic of many professional curriculums. Team teaching by our faculty and the utilization of technology further enhance the student's experience at Pacific University School of Pharmacy.

As part of their education, students complete experiential components of the curriculum throughout their first and second didactic years; with the third year being devoted entirely to advanced clinical experience.


Schools and colleges of pharmacy are accredited by the Accreditation Council on Pharmacy Education (ACPE).  The Doctor of Pharmacy program of the Pacific University, School of Pharmacy, was awarded full accreditation status during the June 2009 meeting of the ACPE Board of Directors, based upon an on-site evaluation conducted March 2009. Full accreditation status was extended during the June 2011 meeting of the ACPE Board of Directors, based upon an on-site evaluation conducted April 2011. Additional information may be found in the Accreditation Disclosure Statement (PDF).