Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador Club is made up of approximately 40 students from the first and second years of the program. The Ambassadors provide tours to prospective students during events at the Hillsboro Campus in Hillsboro. Ambassadors also work very closely with the Admissions office in providing an invaluable resource for prospective students, especially during our admissions interview days.


Please feel free to contact our current officers with questions regarding the pharmacy program!

School of Pharmacy Student Ambassador Club Officers


President: Irene Catalan

Class year: 2015

Undergraduate education: BS in Biology, emphasis in Molecular Cell Biology; CSU San Marcos

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Reason I chose Pacific University: I found PU’s program to be fitting due to its countless opportunities to work with fellow classmates and students in other professions. This results in a learning environment free of competition, where I can focus on my courses and my fellow classmates are always willing to help. An added plus: block curriculum. The block curriculum allows me to study one subject at a time, exploring the diseases, treatment and complications related to a specific region of the body. I preferred this style of learning because it’s similar to my studying habits during undergrad.

My hobbies: Dancing, eating, hiking and watching movies (esp. RomComs, Sci Fi & horror)

#1 tip for prospective PacificU student: PU prides itself on strengthening their students through teamwork and leadership. That being said, a strong candidate would be someone involved in anything that requires working in groups (i.e. sports, clubs, volunteering, etc.). I would also recommend working or shadowing at a pharmacy to get an idea of what the pharmaceutical field entails. Doing this in addition to keeping good grades in your classes can make you a well-rounded, competitive candidate who is invested in life-long learning!


Vice President: Jeremy Nguyen

Class year: 2015

Undergraduate education:
Healthcare Administration; CSU Long Beach

Hometown: Westminster , CA

Reason I chose Pacific University: Pacific’s curriculum and their incorporation of the block system was the main deciding factor for me. Focusing on one subject at a time seemed most beneficial for my needs, and after a year of schooling, I feel as though I’ve made the right decision. The ambassadors organization impressed me during my interview by making it such a welcoming experience. The students were very polite and informative and offered me much insight about the program. Conversing with the student ambassadors before the interview really helped calmed my nerves as well. It left me with a positive experience and reinforced my desire to attend Pacific’s pharmacy program. Another positive aspect about the school was the location; Oregon was a pleasant change of scenery for me as I’ve always stayed in California.

My hobbies: Hanging out with friends, exploring new places, movies, eating, sleeping, and having fun!

#1 tip to prospective PacificU student: PacificU, as well as other pharmacy schools look for well-rounded individuals. I would recommend partaking in clubs and organizations in your community and gaining pharmacy experience. While neither of those are required, it can certainly make your application stand out. I suggest getting some pharmacy experience because you will be working closely with pharmacists and healthcare providers, so any prior knowledge will be beneficial. Another tip is to get to know your classmates and faculty; they are the ones who will lead you to success. Lastly, the most important advice from me: learn how to organize your time and improve your studying habits. This is a fast-paced program and you will definitely hit the ground running.


Secretary: Michael Ta

Class year: 2015

Undergraduate education: BS in Psychobiology; UCLA

Hometown: Westminster, CA

Reasons I chose Pacific University: The program that Pacific offers is quite unique as it integrates the experiential component with the didactic component well throughout the year, which is an important aspect to build a strong foundation, and it is one of the few institutions that offers the accelerated program. In addition, when I came to Pacific for the interview, the staff and the previous ambassadors were very welcoming and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Surrounded by genuine and amicable people cemented my decision to go to Pacific SOP. And the scenery, the food, the city, etc were the perfect icing on the cake that led me to believe that Pacific has the perfect setting for me to thrive in my professional and personal development.

My hobbies: outdoor activities, tennis, basketball, hanging out with friends, watching TV

#1 tip to prospective PacificU student: Find the time to be involved in other activities other than school work because this will allow you to make new friends, who can be some of your best and closest support system away from home. School and other obligations can be overwhelming at times but with a positive mentality and support system, I strongly believe you will have a great experience at Pacific.


Public Relations: Sandy Mach
Class year: 2015

Undergraduate education: BS in Biochemistry and Cell Biology; UC San Diego

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Reason I chose Pacific University: After meeting the faculty at my interview, Pacific stood out because of their enthusiasm, concern, and care for their students. The professors were all approachable and very welcoming to anyone with questions. Not only did I feel welcomed from the faculty, but the current students were also supportive and assured me of how supportive Pacific was with their students. In addition to the overall welcoming atmosphere I received from interview day, the block system and the three-year program sealed the deal for me.

My hobbies:Basketball, tennis, reading, watching TV

#1 tip to prospective PacificU student: Before committing to pharmacy school, I would recommend gaining experience in a pharmacy either through working, shadowing, or by talking to a pharmacist. Simply exploring the pharmacy field would be helpful. Pharmacy school is a big commitment and you would want to be sure that this is the right choice.


Treasurer: Crystal Ho

Class year: 2015

Undergraduate education: B.S. in Biological Sciences; UC Irvine

Hometown: Garden Grove, CA

Reason I chose Pacific University: My main reason for choosing Pacific is due to its unique and appealing curriculum that the school offers as well as their mission statement and values. Because this is an accelerated 3 year program, I feel that it encourages students to do well, stay on task with studying and focus. Another reason would be the staff. I still remember the welcoming atmosphere when I was first introduced to the faculty and school during my interview day. I came back to California after my first visit to Oregon, hoping I would get into this school after the very informational interview day session. And after a year of attending Pacific, I would still recommend attending this program to anyone who inquires about the program and Pacific.

My hobbies: Exploring mama and papa shops/restaurants around Portland, reading, cooking and most importantly, shopping (hey, no sales tax, how can you lose?)

#1 tip to prospective PacificU student: I highly encourage participating in extracurricular activities and attending any school events. If you have not yet realized this--you will after your first year--pharmacy is just the root of your career path and there are many many different branches within the pharmacy field that one can pursue. By attending events and being active, you are effortlessly building up your networking. You are also broadening your understanding and choices of what you want to do after graduating pharmacy school. Aside from school, it is healthy manage some time to explore the outdoors and relax when you can in between school and studying.