Interested in Teaching in our Curriculum?

The School of Pharmacy utilizes a modified block curriculum approach to the delivery of the didactic and introductory components of the PharmD program. This design allows unique opportunities for classroom instruction that optimizes student-centered learning.

Pharmacotherapy Topics

Here is a that are offered in Second Professional year of our program. We are continuously evaluating the quality of our curriculum in relation to changes and needs in professional practice. In addition, we consider content suggestions from our pharmacy practice community regarding instruction of disease state management and pharmacotherapy topics that our students would benefit from. List of proposed topics for our Pharmacotherapy sequence of courses

Let us Know You are Interested

After reviewing our list of Pharmacotherapy topics above, please let us know where you may be interested in helping our students learn. To let us know what you are interested in teaching please do one of the following

  1. Complete the electronic form below
  2. Download the Teaching Interest Form and return to us via fax/email

There are many opportunities for teaching in our curriculum including traditional didactic lecture to facilitating small group activities or patient cases. In addition, our students greatly benefit from practitioners sharing their experiences from their practice environment - this often provides a tangible context for students' deeper understanding of lecture material. Our block curriculum allows flexibility to arranging these types of student-practitioner classroom interactions.