Student Organizations

Student organizations within the School of Pharmacy provide students with opportunities for exposure to career opportunities, networking with students and practitioners, and professional development, in areas such as leadership and clinical practice. All of these opportunities, in conjunction with the education received, contribute to the creation of successful practitioners for the work force and active participants in the profession.

Student organizations are popular and very active at Pacific. They provide students the opportunity to not only become active in their profession, but also give back to the community. The following student organizations are recognized at the School of Pharmacy.

Pharmacy Student Senate

Serves as the student governing body for the School and includes representatives from each of the student organizations and classes.

Class Officers

Coordinate activities, foster collegiality, and provide a communication conduit

Ambassadors Club

Serve as a link between the School and potential and incoming students, liaison with the community, and support to the School’s admissions interview days. Additional information is included under the Admissions section.

Pacific Pharmacy Students United (PPSU)

New in 2012‐13, this umbrella student organization includes the national and state organizations for APhA and ASHP (details below). All P1 and P2 students are members of this organization, which will offer many opportunities for leadership, committee membership and social activities with your peers.

American Pharmacists Association Academy of Students of Pharmacy (APhAASP) and the Oregon State Pharmacists Association (OSPA) Student Chapter represents the national and state organizations. Provides exposure to a broad range of career options, leadership training, networking and activities.

American Society of Health‐System Pharmacists (ASHP) and the Oregon Society of Health‐Systems Pharmacists (OSHP) Student Chapter

Represents the national and state organizations. Provides exposure to a broad view of career opportunities in the health-system pharmacy settings, residency training, and various activities.

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP)

This student organization represents the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) on campus. The organization was formed to encourage the education and support of the advancement of managed care pharmacy, enhance the common academic and professional interests of the student members, and offer professional opportunities and leadership within managed care pharmacy. The chapter was chartered in fall 2010.

Phi Delta Chi (PDC)

Phi Delta Chi (PDC) was established in 1883, with charter status granted to Gamma Beta in 2007. PDC is a professional pharmacy fraternity dedicated to the development of leaders to advance the profession of pharmacy.

Activities include community youth education service, medication preparation for the Essential Health Clinic, Virginia Garcia Medication Education Project, Manna Shelter clothing drives, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital fundraising, and social engagements. Pledging for P1 and P2 classes occurs in early fall, with initiation in late fall/early winter.

Kappa Psi

Kappa Psi is the largest and oldest professional pharmaceutical fraternity. Charted at Pacific University in 2011, Kappa Psi has strong values consisting of Fellowship, Integrity, Sobriety, and High Ideals. The Pacific University Chapter promotes the profession of pharmacy, lifelong bonding, and friendship.

Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS)

Also known as the national Pharmacy Leadership Society, Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS) promotes the development of leadership qualities, especially among pharmacy students.

Professional Student Senate (PSS)

Representatives from each professional program within the College of Health Professions (CHP), representing the needs of each of the professional programs, as well as the CHP as a whole.

Professional Society of Pharmacists (PSOP)

Professional Society of Pharmacists (PSOP) is a professional pharmacy organization originating in 1964 with a mission to promote pharmacy education and foster networking opportunities among pharmacists. PSOP offers monthly dinner/education programs and an annual conference to foster education and networking. Note that PSOP is not currently an officially recognized organization with the School of Pharmacy, but participation and membership is encouraged.