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Program Information

1. What type of degree does this program offer?

The Pacific University School of Pharmacy program leads to a Pharm.D.

2. Is the program accredited?

Yes, the program is fully accredited by ACPE.

3. How long will it take me to complete the program?

The program is three continuous years.

4. Can I attend the program part-time or online?

No, the program is full-time and on-site only.


Admissions Process

1. How do I apply?

The application is a two step process. We require that applicants complete the PharmCAS

application and the Pacific Supplemental Application online.

2. When do I apply?

PharmCAS: June -November

Pacific Supplemental Application: July-December

3. How many letters of reference do I need and how do I submit them?

All letters of reference need to be submitted through PharmCAS. We require two letters of

reference, but you can submit up to four through PharmCAS.

4. Is pharmacy experience required?

We do not mandate a specific amount of pharmacy experience hours; however, the

strongest applicants do have pharmacy experience.

5. Is the PCAT required?

No, we do not take the PCAT into consideration.

6. Is there a minimum GPA requirement for applying to the Pharm.D. program?

Yes, an applicant's science, cumulative, and last 45 semester credit GPA's must each be a

minimum of a 2.7 to qualify to apply to the program.

7. Is an interview required?

Yes, we will invite those who qualify to a mandatory interview.

Applicant Profile

1. What is the average GPA of students applying?

The average GPA for the accepted students of the Class of 2016 was a 3.4.

2. Is a Bachelor's degree required?

No, we do not require a Bachelor's degree. The School of Pharmacy requires students to

complete 62 semester credit hours of prerequisites which can be found here Completing a

Bachelor's degree may help an applicant become a more competitive candidate.

3. Is there a specific major the School of Pharmacy wants to see applicants


No, we do not require/prefer students major in a specific Bachelor degree program. The

important factor is completing the correct prerequisites with a strong GPA. You can have the

admissions office evaluate your transcript by completing the prerequisite worksheet.

4. What is the number of applicants, how many are interviewed, and how many

seats are available?

For Fall 2013, the admissions office received approximately 846 completed applications, interviewed 314, and the approximate available seats in the class for each year is 100.

International Applicants

1. Can international students apply to Pacific University's School of Pharmacy?

Yes, we accept international students to the program. International students must complete

the same application requirements mandatory for all applicants.

2. Is the TOEFL exam required?

Yes, the TOEFL exam is required if the student's first language is not English. Check our

English Language Proficiency Requirement for details.

3. Can I use my coursework outside of the United States towards the prerequisites?

Applicants must have all coursework completed at a foreign university evaluated by a third

party organization; such as, WES or ECE. You will then need to have your coursework

evaluated by the graduate admissions office to determine if any of the international

coursework can fulfill the prerequisites.

Cost and Financial Aid?

1. What is the cost of the program?

Tuition and fees: $45, 153 for 2014-2015

2. Is financial aid available?

Need-based aid in the form of grants, loans, work-study, and other funding is available to

those who demonstrate financial need. Visit the financial aid website for more details.


Masters of Healthcare Administration (MHA) Joint Degree

Three PharmD students have been enrolled in our joint PharmD/MHA program since January of 2013. These students are scheduled to graduate from our program in May, 2014 and from the MHA program in August, 2014. You can find more information about the MHA program on their webpage. A description of the joint degree can be found in the Pacific University catalog (pp. 379-380).

Residency Information

1. How many of your students apply for residencies?

We have averaged more than 24% of the graduating class applying for residencies. Of those students that submitted a rank list, 44-62% have matched, which has been similar to the national average for all schools of pharmacy.

2. How do residency applicants address the GPA question when your grading system is 90% Pass/No Pass?

Our students have attached an explanation of our program, our evaluation system and our grading structure when completing their residency applications. This has answered the majority of questions residency selection committees have requested.

3. Are there many residencies available in the region?

There are about 40 residency (PGY1, PGY2) and fellowship positions in the region. Residency Directors coordinate a Citywide group to share ideas and training for residents from Medford, OR to Vancouver, WA. Additionally, a Teaching Certificate Program is available to regional residents through a collaborate effort between Pacific University and Oregon State University.

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