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Pacific University Handbook

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Chapter 1: The University: History and Policy

Approved by the University Council for dissemination on May 11, 2006


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1.1 University Handbook

1.2 History of the University

1.3 Church Affiliation

1.4 Pacific University Charter

1.5 By-Laws of the Board of Trustees

1.6 President


Chapter 2: Pacific University Governance System

Approved by the University Council for dissemination Spring 2010

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2.1: Overview of Governance System
2.2 : Definition of Terms and Voting Eligibility
2.3 University Council, Faculty Senate, and Staff Senate
2.4: University Council
2.5: University Standing Committees
2.6: Faculty Organization
2.7: Student Organization
2.8: Staff Senate
2.9: Alumni Organization
2.10: The President's Role in the Governance System
2.11: The Provost's Role in the Governance System
2.12: University Hearings Panel Oversight Committee
2.13: University Hearings Panel
2.14: Amending Procedures


Chapter 3: Administrative Organization

Approved by President's Cabinet May 11, 2006


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3.1 The Board of Trustees

3.2 The President of the University

3.3 Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Provost

3.4 The Vice-President for Finance and Administration

3.5 The Vice-President for University Advancement

3.6 The Vice-President for Enrollment Management

3.7 The Vice-President for Student Affairs

3.8 The Chief Information Officer

3.9 The Academic Deans

3.10 The Program Directors

3.11 Organizational Chart


Chapter 4: Conditions of Faculty Employment

Approved by the Faculty Senate for dissemination Spring 2010, pending final approval by the Board of Trustees


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4.1 Academic Freedom

4.2 The Staffing of New and Vacant Positions

4.3 Conditions of Service for Faculty

4.4 Faculty Appointments

4.5 Non-Renewal and Termination of Appointments

4.6 Evaluation of Faculty

4.7 Tenure

4.8 Promotion

4.9 Research

4.10 Consulting, other Professional, Off-campus work, and Conflicts of Interest

4.11 Leave of Absence


Chapter 5: The Student Judicial Process

Approved by the University Council for dissemination on May 11, 2006


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5.1.1 General Information
5.1.2 University Jurisdiction
5.1.3 The Judicial Process
5.1.4 Complaints and Hearings
5.1.5 Interim Suspension
5.1.6 Violation of the Law and the Student Judicial Process
5.1.7 Appeals
5.1.8 Exceptional Circumstances
5.1.9 Interpretation and Revision


Chapter 6: Procedures Governing Academic Program Reviews, Additions, Relocations, Expansions, and Eliminations

Approved by the University Council for dissemination July 2011


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6.1 Overview and Objectives
6.2 Procedures for Adding or Deleting Courses
6.3 New Academic Programs
6.4 Substantial Expansion or Relocation of Existing Academic Programs
6.5 Academic Program Review