Intellectual Property at Pacific University

The creation, and use, of intellectual property is at the core of the academic enterprise at Pacific University.  The intellectual contributions of faculty, staff and students to the University community enrich our common knowledge, and they foster our shared spirit of innovation.  Often, these intellectual works also hold the potential to enrich the greater academic community, if not society at large, and the University recognizes the importance of contributing to a global repository of knowledge.  As such, the University encourages all faculty, staff and students to share the knowledge that they create, whether as individuals or as representatives of Pacific University.  In order to encourage this continued growth and dissemination of knowledge and intellectual capital, faculty, staff and students are afforded certain rights to the use of their intellectual property.  These rights are intended to protect the creators of intellectual property, as well as to recognize the contributions of the University, the individual and outside partners to the process of creation.


The intellectual contributions of Pacific University faculty, staff and students often depend on the work of other scholars and researchers.  In using the intellectual works of these people – whether for instructional purposes, for coursework, for research or for publication – it is vital that members of the University community respect the ethical and legal guidelines that dictate the proper use of another’s intellectual property. 


The resources on this site are designed to inform faculty, staff and students of their rights, and of the rights of other creators of intellectual property.  The guidelines provided should be used to aid in determinations as to whether a specific use of copyrighted material falls within the ethical and legal bounds accepted by the academic community.  Every situation is unique, and what is allowable in one case may not be appropriate in another – use your best judgment and make a reasonable determination.



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