Classroom Presentation Guidelines

Includes: Multimedia presentations (e.g. PowerPoint) created by faculty or students for display in the classroom, image/pictorial displays in a classroom (e.g. art slides), analog images digitized for display/use in the classroom, music or video played in a classroom, television programs recorded for display in a classroom.

Option One: Determine if the material is in the public domain or is licensed for open use. If not…

Option Two: If material is to be posted to Blackboard or iTunes University, determine if TEACH Act applies.  If not...
Option Three: Determine if the use qualifies as fair use. If not…

Option Four: Get permission to use the material from the copyright holder.


Fair Use Guidelines – Multimedia Presentations

Fair Use Guidelines – Image/Pictorial Displays in a Classroom

Fair Use Guidelines – Digitizing Images for Classroom Display/Use

Fair Use Guidelines – Music and Film Performance/Display in a Classroom

Fair Use Guidelines – Broadcast Television Programs Recorded for Display in a Classroom




Usage Guidelines A-Z