Broadcast Television Recorded for Display in a Classroom

Safest Use

Type of Programming Limitations:

Only freely available broadcast programming is covered by these guidelines. Cable, satellite and other paid services are not covered.

Portion Limitations:

  • No broadcast program may be recorded more than once by the same faculty member.

Time Limitations:

  • A broadcast program may be recorded and retained for a period not to exceed the first 45 consecutive calendar days after date of recording. Upon conclusion of the retention period, all recordings must be erased or destroyed.

  • Recordings may be used once by individual faculty in the course of teaching, and repeated once only when instructional reinforcement is necessary, during the first 5-6 class sessions in the 45 day retention period.

Access/Distribution Limitations:

  • A limited number of copies may be reproduced from the original recording to meet the legitimate needs of faculty members. Each additional copy is subject to the provisions governing the original recording.

  • Recorded programs may not be altered from their original content, and may not be physically or digitally combined to create teaching anthologies or compilations.

  • All copies of off-air recordings must include the copyright notice on the broadcast program as recorded.

Questionable Use

For possible uses of copyrighted materials that exceed the portion, time and access/distribution limitations outlined above, please contact the Copyright Help Desk.

Dangerous Use

  • Applying the “safest use” guidelines to a program recorded from cable, satellite or other pay provider.

  • Recording a program and using it in class year after year.


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