Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Degree Requirements

This is a full-time program of study that is 27 months in duration. A cohort of students enters each year in late August and courses typically are open only to students enrolled in the School of Physical Therapy.

Courses in the Curriculum /Descriptions (


Note: the sequencing of the following coursework may be altered at the discretion of the faculty


First Year, Fall Semester                                                                                                                                  Credits

DPT 500       Human Anatomy I                                                                                                  4

DPT 510       Clinical Biomechanics I                                                                                          4

DPT 520       Rehabilitation Neuroscience I                                                                                4

DPT 530       Physical Agents and Mechanical Modalities                                                         3

DPT 540       Patient Assessment, Intervention & Therapeutic Modalities                                 2

DPT 561       Foundations of the Physical Therapy Profession I                                               1

DPT 750       Bioethics Seminar for Physical Therapists                                                          0.25

CHP 510       Inter-professional Competence: Theory & Practice I                                            0.5


Total                         18.75

First Year, Spring Semester                                                                                                                

DPT501        Human Anatomy II                                                                                                 3

DPT511        Clinical Biomechanics II                                                                                         4

DPT522        Rehabilitation Neuroscience II and Motor Control                                                  3

DPT542        Principles of Therapeutic Exercise Progression and Motor Learning                   3

DPT562        Foundations of the Physical Therapy Profession II                                               1

DPT590        Research Methods and Statistics                                                                         2

DPT595        Introduction to Evidence Based Practice                                                              2

DPT650        Infectious, Immune and Metabolic Disorders                                                         3

DPT750        Bioethics Seminar for Physical Therapists                                                           0.25

CHP511        Inter-professional Competence: Theory & Practice II                                            0.5


Total                         21.75

First Year, Summer Term (4 Weeks)

DPT 570        Clinical Internship I                                                                                                4


Second Year, Fall Semester                                                                                                                

DPT612        Neuromuscular System: Examination & Intervention                                              4

DPT632        Musculoskeletal Examination & Intervention for the Spine                                     4

DPT652        Physiology & Pharmacology                                                                                   6

DPT685        Pediatric Neuromuscular System: Examination & Interventions                             3

DPT750        Bioethics Seminar for Physical Therapists                                                           0.25


Total                         17.25


Second Year, Spring Semester                                                                                                          

DPT613        Adult Neuromuscular System: Examination & Intervention                                        2

DPT633        Musculoskeletal Examination & Intervention for the Extremities                                3

DPT642        Clinical Internship II (6 weeks)                                                                                   6

DPT646        Amputation Rehabilitation                                                                                           2

DPT670        Psychological Aspects of Illness/ Disability                                                               2

DPT680        Geriatrics and Gerontology                                                                                       3

DPT694        Critically Appraised Topics                                                                                        2

DPT750        Bioethics Seminar for Physical Therapists                                                             0.25


Total                         20.25


Third Year, Fall Semester

DPT701        Principles of Management & Supervision for Physical Therapists                              4

DPT710        Clinical Reasoning Seminar                                                                                         2

DPT723        Clinical Internship III (10 Weeks)                                                                                  8

DPT730        Professional Lecture Series                                                                                       2

DPT740        Introduction to Medical Imaging for Physical Therapists                                             1

DPT750        Biomedical Ethics for Physical Therapists                                                                  1

DPT790        Evidence Based Capstone Project                                                                             1

DPT791*       Thesis                                                                                                                         2

DPT792        Educational Strategies for Physical Therapists                                                          2

*may be taken in place of DPT 790                                                                                                     


Total                           22-23


Third Year, Spring Semester (18 weeks)                                                                                           



DPT724        Clinical Internship IV                                                                                                  10

DPT725        Clinical Internship V                                                                                                     9

DPT790        Evidence Based Capstone Project                                                                              1


Total                         20