Jason Brumitt PT, PhD, SCS, ATC, CSCS

Assistant Professor

Phone  (503) 352-7265                                                           
Email  brum4084@pacificu.edu
A faculty member since 2007



APTA Board Certified Specialist - Sports Physical Therapy (SCS)

NATA Athletic Trainer Certified (ATC)

NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist with Distinction (CSCS *D)


Teaching Responsibilities

DPT 530   Physical Agents and Mechanical Modalities

DPT 542   Principles of Therapeutic Exercise

DPT 730   Professional Lecture Series

DPT 790   Evidence Based Capstone Project (team taught course)

Areas of Interest

Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy

Strength and Conditioning Training


Evidence Based Practice



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Functional Testing to Reduce Injury Risk and Guide Sports Rehabilitation Progression. OPTA Annual Conference. Portland, OR (March 31st, 2012)

Core Training: Functional Assessment and Exercise Prescription for Athletes.  1st Annual Northwest Regional Clinic (NSCA).  Spokane, WA (September 19th - 20th, 2009) Invited Speaker

The Role of the Hip in Sport: Exercise Prescription for Performance and Rehabilitation.  NWATA 2007 District 10 Conference, Vancouver, WA (March 24, 2007) Invited Speaker

Core Training: Post Rehab to Sport Specific

NSCA Personal Trainer’s Conference. Las Vegas, NV (March 12-13th, 2006) Invited Speaker.

Functional Rotator Cuff Training: Little League to College

NSCA Sport Specific Conference. Dallas, TX (Jan 5-6th, 2006)

Sport Specific Training for the Scapular Muscles 

NSCA WA State Clinic. Puyallup, WA (Aug. 6th, 2005) Invited Speaker

Returning the Athlete to Sport: Post Rehab Functional Testing for the Lower

Quadrant. NWATA 2004 District 10 Conference, Seaside, OR (March 27th, 2004)



Pacific University Faculty Development Grant.  "Measures of Fitness and Injury Risk Factors in Vineyard Cellar Workers".  2013

Pacific University Faculty Development Grant (w/ Richard Rutt, PT, PhD). "Exercise and Health Habits in Migrant Vineyard Workers".  2010