Kenneth W. Bush PT, PhD


Phone  (503) 352-7256
A faculty member since 1991


PhD, Education, University of Virginia, 1987
MPT, Physical Therapy, Baylor University-U.S. Army, 1975
BS  Zoology, Brigham Young University, 1969


State licensure in Physical Therapy
Colorado H-PT-1  01274  1974
Texas    1-6395-6     1980
Oregon   2179          1991-present

Teaching Responsibilities

DPT530  Physical Agents and Mechanical Modalities
DPT590 Research Methods and Statistics
DPT595 Introduction to Evidence Based Practice
DPT694 Critically Appraised topics
DPT790 Evidence Based Capstone Project

Areas of Interest

Physical Agents
Orthopedic Evaluation
Development of interactive multimedia

Representative Publications


"Predicting Ankle Sprain" Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy  Vol 4, #2,1996 pp 54-58.

"The Statistics of Outcome Measurement", Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Clinics of North America  Vol 9 #1, Mar 2000  pp 55-68.

"Validity and Intertester Reliability of Cervical Range of Motion Using Inclinometer Measurements" JMMT Vol 8 #2,  2000 pp 52-61.

"Sharing Expertise in Internet Program Development at Pacific University", Berglund Center for Internet Studies, Vol 1, Oct 2001  pp 1-4.

Interactive CDROM Projects

Modalities  1998 - An interactive program teaching clinical decision making.

Orthopedic Evaluation of the knee  1999 - An interactive program which allows students to take a history,  observe signs and symptoms, determine a clinical diagnosis and develop a treatment program.

Special Tests and Mobilizations of the lower extremity 1999 - A video library of special tests and mobilizations of the lower extremity.

Research Methods  2000 - An interactive CDROM research methods course.

Intensive Care Unit(ICU) 2000 -  An interactive program to allow a student to visualize themselves in an ICU unit where they must observe patients and take proper actions.

Recent Presentations

"Using Interactive Multimedia to teach Clinical Decision Making"  National Conference, American Physical Therapy Association 2000.

"Intensive Care Physical Therapy" Interactive  Presentation  at National Conference,  American Physical Therapy Association 2000, Indianapolis, IN.

"A Plan For Faculty Development In The Use Of Technology", Computers on Campus, S.C.   2001.

"Creating Websites with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint",  Presentation to Pacific University Faculty,  Spring 2001.

"Using Interactive Technology To Teach Clinical Decision Making In The Health Sciences" at Computers On Campus National Conference, Nov 2001.


Selected for full scholarship by U.S. Army: Ph.D. in Sports Medicine  1984- 1987

Faculty Development Summer Grant   1997

Faculty Sabbatical,  Spring, 1998  to develop interactive software and multimedia in the area of Physical Therapy

Selected as a Panel member by the  National Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy to evaluate future national licensing examinations- June, 1998

Awarded Hewlett Foundation grant for teaching internet technologies to faculty at Pacific University, Spring 2001

Awarded renewal of Hewlett Foundation grant for teaching internet technologies to Faculty at Pacific University, Spring 2002

Awarded a third Hewlett Foundation grant for teaching internet technologies to faculty at Pacific University, Fall 2002-Spring 2003

Awarded Faculty Sabbatical, Fall 2004-Spring 2005 to publish a book on "Diagnostic Imaging for Physical Therapists".