Clinical Education for Students

High quality clinical education is critical to the overall effectiveness of preparing students to become competent physical therapists. An important element of our program is the integration of the didactic academic work with clinical experience.

Students are given the opportunity to provide input regarding their clinical placements. Each class elects a committee of six students, who in turn each directly represent a number of his or her classmates. These committees meet regularly with the ACCE to determine clinical placements.

We are extremely fortunate to have a supportive and highly skilled group of clinical instructors to work with our students. In assessing efficacy in this area, we adhere closely to the APTA guidelines for clinical sites and clinical instructors.

Clinical Education Resources

     This site will give you more information about your internship,

     demographics and contact information for the CCCE for your site.

     PT CPI is used by the student and clinical instructor to evaluate the

     student's progress throughout their clinical experience using the

     APTA guidelines.

     To get your immunization records, click the link above which will

     take you to Boxeronline where you can print your records from

     there. If you need to get any immunization tests done you may go

     to the Student Health Center or to the following centers:

     This manual will give you more detailed information about Clinical

     Education and what is required of you.

     This link will take you to our list of clinical sites where you can find

     more information about each site.

Clinical Education Forms

     To nominate a site that is currently not in our database, please fill

     out the form and return it via email to the ACCE, Dr. Becca Reisch.

     Please complete this form in its entirety and send it the Health

     Center. They will keep track of your medical records and put them

     online for you to get access to them via Boxeronline.

     Student profiles must be completed and emailed to the

     Administrative Assistant 10 weeks before the start of each

     internship. Student profiles are sent to the CCCE and CI who will be

     hosting the student.

     This form is used by the APTA to evaluate the student's clinical

     experience and clinical instructor. On the last day of each internship

     each student must submit this form to the ACCE via email.