PT Student Handbook


Academic Calendar 2013-2014

Academic Calendar 2014-2015

Booklists 2013-2014:

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Required Immunization for the School of Physical Therapy:

Immunization Information

Chapter 1: Preparation and General Information

Mission of the School of Physical Therapy
Philosophy of the School of Physical Therapy
Curriculum Objectives
Brief History of the School of Physical Therapy
Courses in the Curriculum /Descriptions (
Essential Job Functions for Physical Therapists
Additional Student Expenses

Chapter 2: Professional & Academic Conduct

Professional & Academic Standards
Academic Grading Policies
Faculty Instructional Philosophy

Professional Behaviors
Professional Expectations
University Academic Standards and Appeals Board
Learning Support Services
Policies on Infectious Diseases
HBV Immunization Policy
Pacific University Infection Diseases Policy

Chapter 3: Clinical Education Manual

Preparation for Clinic

Syllabi and Objectives for Clinic

Student forms & Clinical Site Contact information

Chapter 4: Physical Therapy Student Association (PTSA)

By-Laws of the Physical Therapy Student Association

Chapter 5: Professional Associations & Board

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)
Oregon Physical Therapy Association (OPTA)

Oregon Physical Therapy Licensing Board

Chapter 6: Guidelines for Referencing Written Assignments

Chapter 7: Miscellaneous Forms and Resources

Activity Summary
Change of Address
Emergency Loans

Privacy Release (Sharing personal info with parents, guardians, or other people.)

Chapter 8: FERPA Privacy Rights

Annual FERPA notice

Chapter 9: PT Stuff from A to Z

Address Change                                                                                              

Administrative Assistant                                                                                 

Audiovisual Equipment   


Counseling Services                                                                                         




Faculty office hours                                                                                         

HPC Hours                                                                                                       

HPC after hours access                                                                                 



More Mail                                                                                                         

Maintenance of Physical Space                                                                      



Printer /Printing                 

Refrigerator /Microwave                                                                                 

Resource Materials                                                                                          

Rest rooms                                                                                                         

Safety Standards                                                                                             

Student Advising                                                                                            

Student Library Resources                                                                             


Telephone tree                                                                                                  

Useful Web Sites