Applied Psychological Science MA/MS



The APS program offers four specialties that allow students to emphasize coursework leading to their desired careers in psychology: Psychological Research, Health Service Psychology, Organizational Consulting (pending) and Clinical Psychology. These specialties share a common core of classes and are augmented by a set of specialty-specific courses and open elective offerings for each (see Proposed Course Offerings).

Graduates at the master’s level are frequently preferred for a number of positions within the mental health field, including:

Further, graduates at the master’s level are well-positioned for employment in a number of careers outside of psychology as well, including:

Additionally, all specialties are designed specifically to prepare graduates for competitive applications for doctoral programs in psychology.  All specialties will help students prepare for doctoral study by offering them an excellent array of what are considered the foundational science and practice courses in psychology as defined by the American Psychological Association.  A master's degree is often an important step toward strengthening an application to a doctoral degree program in psychology - programs that are highly competitive and thus, are eager to recruit students with proven graduate education credentials.