Health Psychology Track


The Health Psychology Track within the School of Professional Psychology combines the academic, research, and clinical experiences necessary to prepare students for work as an allied health provider in health care settings and with medical patients. Working in medical settings requires additional training and experiences beyond the generalist training we already provide. Between 30-80% of primary care office visits are estimated to result from the complex interplay of psychological factors and medical issues. Functioning in an interdisciplinary setting requires facility with skills and populations that are both inclusive of and different from traditional psychology training. Through integrated coursework, research, and practicum experiences, health psychology track students will be competitive for internship, prepared for their clinical trajectory, and able to function in a complex workplace.


Faculty Mentors

Faculty areas of clinical and research specialization include but are not limited to the following: patient-provider communication, tailored health care communications, mind-body interactions, perceptions of medical patients, psychophysiological disorders, psychological factors affecting medical conditions, work in interdisciplinary settings, presurgical psychological evaluations, pain assessment and treatment, weight management, biofeedback, gender and health, mindfulness with medical populations, behavioral medicine, rehabilitation psychology, and primary care psychology.


Core Faculty



In addition to the regularly required courses, within the general SPP curriculum, the following electives are required and recommended:

Required Courses

  • GPSY 850 Health Psychology          
  • GPSY 847 Treatment of Chemical Dependency
  • GPSY 851 Psychopharmacology
  • GPSY 826 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or GPSY 858 Brief Psychotherapies
  • GPSY 824 Neuropsychological Assessment
  • GPSY 899-26 Psychological Assessment & Treatment of Chronic Pain
  • GPSY 899-04 Mindfulness Based Interventions

Recommended Courses

  • GPSY 845 Family Therapy
  • GPSY 899-09 Pediatric Psychology
  • GPSY 899-21 Working with Difficult Clients
  • CHP interdisciplinary courses, as available

Practicum Requirements

  • Practicum II, Clinical Fieldwork in Health Psychology Track placements  and Internship with a health psychology major rotation.
  • Current placement is under the direction of the DCT in coordination with Track Director.


Research Requirements

  • Thesis and Dissertation in Health Psychology, theory or practice acceptable, empirical elements required. Research activity beyond the Thesis and Dissertation is expected, including presentations, attempts at publication, student-level participation in professional organizations, and assisting other students and Track faculty in their research efforts.


Admission and Selection