Organizational Consulting Track


The Organizational Consulting Track has been developed to prepare future professional psychologists for a career that will involve both clinical and organizational activities and roles. Students in this track will acquire skills to intervene effectively in the work organization with individuals, groups, and large systems. Through a dedicated series of courses, field placement opportunities and research requirements, organizational consulting track students will obtain knowledge and a range of competencies that will enhance their options for internship placement and future employment. These competencies include:


Job Opportunities

The following are a selection of jobs for which students in the Organizational Consulting Track would be qualified:




Course Requirements

Organizational Behavior I

4 credits

Organizational Behavior II

4 credits

Organizational Behavior III

4 credits

Program Evaluation

3 credits

Special Topic: Leadership/Career/Health

3 credits

ST: Assessment and Analysis of Organizations

3 credits


21 credits


Practicum Requirements

Students in the Organizational Track complete two years of clinical practicum experiences. During the third year, they complete an organizational field placement.


Research Requirements

Students in the track are required to choose an organizational topic for their dissertation research, or have an organizational/systems component within a clinical topic. An OC Track faculty member must be on the student's dissertation committee.


Admission and Selection

Retention/Dismissal of Students

Because this is an organizational consulting track within a clinical psychology program, it is imperative that clinical skills development be the student's paramount goal. Students must maintain good academic standing and satisfactory clinical progress, or they may face removal from the track.