Elective Organizational Behavior Track

The OB sequence will prepare students to work in industry in dealing with individual and organizational change. Graduates will be distinguished from those of masters level industrial and organizational psychology programs in that the emphasis will be on providing counseling services for problems encountered at work, rather than on providing human resource services, such as employee selection and compensation.

Recently, it has been recognized that there are work-related conditions which place people at risk for psychological disorders. Strain from job stressors, for example, has been related to a number of medical and psychological problems. In addition, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to reasonably accommodate employees with mental disorders. At present there are few people with training in both mental health and organizational behavior to assist with this process. It is expected that opportunities for prevention, amelioration, and accommodation of mental health problems at work should develop over the next few years.

Behavioral change in organizations is expected to be an important part of the work of graduates. It is clear that such behavioral change can often be accomplished through structural changes in organization and job design, compensation systems, leadership styles, and the like. However, these methods are not effective for all employees. In many cases a talented individual has personal shortcomings which make it difficult or impossible for that person to achieve his or her career potential or organizational objectives. Counseling approaches have been found to be effective for these problems, but counselors also must have thorough knowledge as to how organizations operate and how careers develop. OB students perform a 100-hour field placement in addition to the practicum required of all students.

Courses Taken in addition to the EBP curriculum follow.

Organizational Behavior Second Year Elective Sequence

CPSY-571 Organizational Behavior I (Fall)
CPSY-572 Organizational Behavior II (Spring)
CPSY-573 Organizational Behavior III (Summer)

CPSY-591 Organizational Fieldwork (Spring and Summer)