Predoctoral Internship

Pacific Psychology Clinic

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The Predoctoral Internship is the capstone experience of the professional psychology program. The internship provides

  1. An opportunity to use and refine clinical skills and knowledge developed during the course of the program
  2. An opportunity to consolidate one's professional identity. The internship requires full-time supervised clinical experience for one calendar year (a minimum of 2000 training hours).

Internship Application Packet

Pacific Psychology Clinic

The Pacific Psychology Clinic operates an APPIC member/APA accredited internship program. There are three intern positions. The clinic operates in two locations:

Hillsboro Campus

222 SE 8th Avenue, Hillsboro, OR 97123

(503) 352-7333

Downtown Portland

1411 SW Morrison St, Portland, OR 97205

(503) 352-2400

As an integral part of the program, the internship at the Pacific Psychology Clinic currently provides an opportunity for a part-time placement at Oregon Department of Corrections, Coffee Creek Intake Facility in Wilsonville. In addition, the internship participates in a human diversity program that provides community service sites, including, but not limited to, African-American, American Indian, Asian, and Hispanic.

Description of Services

The Pacific Psychology Clinic (PPC), School of Professional Psychology, Pacific University, has served community mental health needs in the Portland Metro area since its founding in 1980. The PPC is the principle training site for the School of Professional Psychology's APA accredited doctoral program in clinical psychology.

The PPC provides individual, family, child, and group therapy, psychological assessments, consultation services, program evaluation, community outreach, psychoeducational programs, employee assistance programs, and continuing education for mental health professionals. Numerous on-going groups are available: Women’s Therapy, Co-ed  Interpersonal Relationships, Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Social Phobia, Depression Treatment Group.

The PPC is administered by a director and associate director, both of whom are licensed psychologists and are available on-site for consultation and supervision. Supervision is primarily provided by nine members of the faculty of the School of Professional Psychology. Additional supervision is provided by adjunct faculty members, two psychologists and a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

One advantage of PPC services is the intense supervision received by therapists (at least 5-6 hours weekly). As a result, the progress of each client is monitored very closely by licensed clinical psychologists, while clients also receive the benefit of perspectives from other members of the clinical supervision teams.

Examples of Group Therapies at the Pacific Psychology Clinic

The following groups are all offered at the PPC. Facilitators are advanced doctoral psychology students in Pacific University’s School of Professional Psychology.

All groups charge $10 per session. Some groups can discount if pre-paid in full. Call contact person for information.

Co-Ed Interpersonal Group

This is a process group which provides a forum for men and women to learn how to identify and communicate in the here and now, gain skills in offering feedback, experience being honest with others and to become more sensitive to how you and others communicate.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Group

Focused on reducing anxiety and depression by increasing moment-to-moment awareness, teaching people to stay aware and to experience thoughts and feelings without reacting to them in overly negative ways.