Staff Senate

Shared University Governance Structure Chart

Committees and Representatives

Opportunities for staff representation on Staff Senate committees and University Committees are available; contact or the Chair of the committee if you'd like to participate in campus governance.


Staff Professional Development Committee

Chair: Justin McRobert

Chaired by the Senate Vice Chair, this committee assists Human Resources in providing and preparing staff development workshops and seminars; explores opportunities for staff to build strong and productive relationships across the campus community; and assists with the following endeavors:


These committees are responsible for addressing and improving issues regarding staff morale; promoting staff involvement in governance and organizing social functions. These committees work toward fostering community spirit while conveying appreciation for all non-faculty employees.

The Caring Committee

Chair: Ingrid Unterseher

Responds to staff/family medical crises; acknowledges significant life-changing events like marriage, a new baby and the loss of a loved one; and remembers each staffer on his/her birthday.  To request care for a co-worker, email

The Welcoming Committee

Chair: Leah Bagley

Provides a personalized welcome to each new non-faculty employee; helps newcomers with mentoring and orientation to the greater Pacific community; and, with the support of Aramark Dining Services and the Barnes & Noble @ Pacific bookstore, offers discounts to promote Boxer Spirit.  If you have questions about the Welcoming Committee or would like to volunteer, please email



The Communications Committee

Chair: Katie Lardy

The Secretary chairs this committee. This committee enhances communication between the Staff Senate, the staff and the campus community by assisting with the following endeavors:


The Governance Committee

Chair: Ben Dictus

The Governance Committee Chair is a member of the Executive Council. This committee will assist with the following endeavors:


Ad Hoc Committees


University Council Standing Committees

A minimum of one Senator will be appointed as representative to the standing committees as established by the University Council for staff representation: