Complaint Processes

If you have a complaint, we want to here from you.

General Complaints

For general complains, that are not related to policies of violations of policy, please contact the department director or manager. For names and contact information for department heads please call 503-352-6151 or 877-722-8648. 


Formal Complaints 

Formal complaints are defined as actions deemed as perceived unfair treatment that require discussion with the department director or manager and should be brought to their attention. The department director or manager will determine appropriate action, consulting his/her supervisor or other colleagues.


Formal Appeals

Formal appeals are defined as actionable items that go through the university process with an appeal outcome. The university has policies and procedures governing formal appeals and these are typically found in the academic catalog, college and program handbooks, and in the code of conduct. Please visit Student Conduct for additional information.


More Information

For more information, contact a department director of manager. Undergraduate students should contact their academic Dean or the Dean of Students Office. Graduate and professional students are encouraged to speak to their academic deans or directors, or to speak to graduate and professional student services.