Case 1: Alcohol

*Based on true cases, names and information have been changed.

Students Involved:
Ruthie Duniway, 19
Nina Scott, 19
Todd Taylor, 20
Joel Strain, 21
Jessica Taylor-Meade, 18

Incident Report:

"At about 2:15am on Saturday, October 15th, Lilia Marsh, on-duty Mac RA, was in her room (McCormick 112) when she heard loud noises coming fromt he room right above her. There were loud thuds that sounded like people were jumping or falling on the floor. Lilia had asked the room to quiet down at approximately 1:00am while on rounds earlier. She waited about 5-10 minutes and when it didn't quiet down she walked upstairs to Mac 207 to ask them to quiet down.

Lilia knocked on the door ton Nina and Ruthie's room. They did not answer right away, and she could hear people whispering inside the room. Lilia knocked again after about 45 seconds. Finally, after a total of a minute to a minute and a half they opened the door.

The door opened about half way and the RD asked if they could quiet down a little, since it was really loud in her apartment. They apologized and said, "of course." As the RD talked, she looked in the room and saw a bottle of opened beer sitting on a desk. The RD asked them how old they were, and was told 19. Lilia told them she saw a bottle of beer in the room and that they cannot have alcohol in their room.

A voice (Joel) from in the room said that it was his and he is 21. The RD said that didn't matter, and explained that even if he was 21 he cannot be in a room with alcohol withe those younger than 21. The RD asked to step into the room. As she enetered the room the smell of alcohol became much stronger. She was also able to see all five people in throom. The RD told them that she would have to write them up. The RD asked for the names of everybody in the room.

Lilia asked them to pour out the alcohol in the room. They took the empty bottle of beer off the desk and threw it away. The RD asked if there was any more, they said they weren't sure.

Lilia didn't see any around the room, and told the group that if they did have more, they needed to get rid of it. The RD told them that she would be writing them up and explained the procedure that would take place afterwards."

(Submitted by Lilia Mash, McCormick Resident Assistant.)

Alleged Policy Violations:


This case study is an example of what might happen in such a situation. Actual outcomes vary widely based on the unique circumstances of each case, those involved, and what is shared during each hearing. Please use this case study as an idea of a possible outline of the process only.