~Case 2: Alcohol Intoxication

*Based on true cases, names and information have been changed.

Students Involved:
Anna Fischer
Mary Wong
Jamie Smith

Incident Report:

"At about 2:00am on Saturday, August 24, I walked into the wome's bathroom on the 1st floor of Walter and saw Anna Fischer throwing up in the sink. She had her friend Mary Wong as well as her roommate Jamie Smith there with her. I asked Anna how much she had to drink and she said a little bit, but her slurred speech led me to believe she had more. I asked her friends if they knew how much Anna had to drink and Mary told me that she believed Anna had drank about two shots, but did not know exactly how much.

Anna began to walk back to her room across the hall but needed a lot of help in getting there. She was staggering and unable to hold herself up. I then called the RD on duty, Natalie (RD in Mac), who came over to help.

Natalie confirmed that Anna was well enough to go to sleep and left the room. I stayed in the room with the three girls and talked until around 2:40am. Anna seemed to be done heaving and was asleep. I went back to my room at that time and left Anna with Jamie and Mary. I shut down the two sinks in the bathroom, which were messy with vomit, with an "Out of Order" sign and the custodians cleaned them in the morning."

(Submitted by Taylen Moyers, Walter Resident Assistant)

Alleged Policy Violations:

Anna Fischer received a letter to go to a hearing with Dawn, the Walter Hall Resident Director. Because the incident occurred so early in the school year, PRB was not yet hearing cases, and typical protocol in such a situation is to assign the student to be heard by another hearing officer (a Universtiy employee). Anna met with Dawn and told her that she didn't think she was in violation of the alcohol policy, but that she had the stomach flu that night. Dawn read over the report and asked Anna why she told Rayleen that she had "only a little" to drink? Anna wasn't sure why she had said that. Dawn pointed out that Anna's friends had said that Anna had been drinking, and that she believes Anna was in violation of the alcohol policy. Dawn then read Anna's conduct history, which included one prior level 1 alcohol violation. Dawn assigned Anna a sanction of writing letters of apology to Mary, Jamie, and Rayleen. Anna would also attend a workshop about responsible decision-making and write a 2-page reflection paper. The two continued to talk about making responsible choices in the halls.


This case study is an example of what might happen in such a situation. Actual outcomes vary widely based on the unique circumstances of each case, those involved, and what is shared during each hearing. Please use this case study as an idea of a possible outline of the process only.