Housing Staff


Lisa Geraci

Lisa Geraci
Director of Housing

Office: UC 224
503-352-2821 geracil@pacificu.edu

The Director of Housing is responsible for the management of the on-campus student housing operation and assists students in housing-related matters and problem-solving. This position strives to routinely improve housing processes, so that students’ needs and concerns are being anticipated and addressed.

  Jean Flory
Jean Flory
Housing Specialist

Office: UC 220
503-352-3158 flor1468@pacificu.edu

The Housing Specialist is a resource for students and their parents regarding housing policies and procedures. This person assists the Director of Housing with processes such as housing assignments, housing lottery, room and meal plan changes and room and board billing.

Residence Life Staff


Ryan Aiello

Ryan Aiello
Director of Residence Life and Conduct Advisor

Office: UC 223
503-352-2181, aiello@pacificu.edu

The Director of Residence Life, Ryan Aiello, strives to routinely implement the values within Housing & Residence Life and develop the community culture through leadership, eduction, staff, and daily interactions. This person also oversees the student conduct system.

  Ben Dictus

Ben Dictus
Area Coordinator

Clark Hall, McCormick Hall, Gilbert Hall
Office: Clark Hall Lobby

Ben Dictus and Megan Hockert are Area Coordinators (AC's). They are full-time, professional staff members who live year-round on campus. They are responsible for several residential buildings, including supervising student staff, overseeing hall programming, managing facilities, and promoting respectful conduct.

  Megan Hockert
Megan Hockert

Area Coordinator
Walter Hall, Burlingham Hall, Vandervelden Court Apartments
Office: Walter Hall Lobby
503-352-1448, mahocker@pacificu.edu

  Lindsey Blem
Lindsey Blem
Program and Conduct Coordinator

Advisor, RHA and NRHH
Office: UC 226
503-352-2045 lindseyb@pacificu.edu

As Programming and Conduct Coordinator, Lindsey Blem oversees the department's educational and social programming efforts. She also assists the Director of Residence Life in managing the student conduct system. Advising Residence Housing Association (RHA) and Pacific's chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), this person also supports student leadership within the residence halls.

Residence Life Paraprofessional Staff 2013-2014

Resident Assistants (RA’s) are full-time students and serve in a paraprofessional leadership position. The RAs assist the ACs in managing the housing operations, building a sense of community and respect on each floor, and maintaining University policy. RAs are responsible for planning activities that encourage involvement and interaction on each floor. They have been trained to be someone with whom you can talk and to be a link to many campus services and resources.

Senior Resident Assistants (SRA’s) are specially selected veteran RAs. In addition to all responsibilities of the RA position, SRAs assist the ACs in staff selection and training, Hall Council advising, and administrative tasks.

Burlingham Hall

Alexandrea Yoong, RA, Rm 209B, 1st and 2nd floor, yoon2725@pacificu.edu
Jeffrey Ness, RA, Rm309B, 3rd floor, ness2278@pacificu.edu
Kathryn Sampson, Senior RA, Rm409B, 4th floor, samp8102@pacificu.edu

Clark Hall

Sierra Miller, RA, Rm117,Rooms 101-118, mill4685@pacificu.edu
Michael Henderson, Senior RA, Rm125, Rooms 119-131, hend2691@pacificu.edu
Sophia Nation, RA, Rm209, Rooms 201-218, nati5196@pacificu.edu
Rachel Moore, RA, Rm221, Rooms 219-234, moore8681@pacificu.edu
Heather Hale, RA, Rm301, Rooms 301-319, hale2188@pacificu.edu
Griffin Dewitt, RA, Rm322, Rooms 320-335, dewi2867@pacificu.edu

Gilbert Hall

Kathryn Onley, Senior RA, Rm107B,  1st floor, onle7619@pacificu.edu
Jacob Davison, RA, Rm207B, 2nd floor, davi8049@pacificu.edu
Dominick Post, RA, Rm307B, 3rd floor, post0355@pacificu.edu
Liz Stevens, RA, Rm407B, 4th floor, stev7838@pacificu.edu

McCormick Hall

Lucy Lawrence, Senior RA, Rm119, 1st floor, lucylawrence@pacificu.edu
Spencer Wilson, RA, Rm208, 2nd floor, wils5188@pacificu.edu
Jackie Graddon, RA, Rm311, 3rd floor, jgraddon5@pacificu.edu
Isabelle Tegner, RA, Rm420, 4th floor, tegn8826@pacificu.edu

Walter Hall

Laurel Zimmer, Senior RA, Rm124, Rooms 100-130, lzimmer@pacificu.edu
Blake Kuroiwa, RA, Rm139, Rooms 131-147, kuro3963@pacificu.edu
Briana Croucher, RA, Rm209, Rooms 201-215, crou3483@pacificu.edu
David Carr, RA, Rm228, Rooms 216-231, carr6608@pacificu.edu
Kayla Williams, RA, Rm240, Rooms 232-247, will3554@pacificu.edu
Janae Rasmussen, RA, Rm309, Rooms 301-315, rasm1528@pacificu.edu
Brock Nakashima, RA, Rm328, Rooms 316-331, naka9984@pacificu.edu
Anthony Zerkel, RA, Rm335, Rooms 332-347, zerk8059@pacificu.edu

Vandervelden Court Apartments

Stephen Black, Senior RA, Rm245, 10's and 20's Rooms , blacks2560@pacificu.edu
Ross Archer, RA, Rm245, 30's and 40's Rooms, arch7422@pacificu.edu