Burlingham Hall is located on the North side of campus east of the Vandervelden court complex and next to the PAC (Pacific Athletic Center). This 59,000 square-foot four story 163-bed facility was specifically built to connect the residents with each other and the Pacific campus. Living in Burlingham gives students a sense of community while also giving the student the positive aspects of independent living. BHH was built to house sophomores, juniors, and seniors that are Pacific undergraduate students.

Image Gallery

The image gallery section of the site lets you look at high quality images of Burlingham Hall. The gallery will show you detailed views inside and outside of the residence hall.

Living Green

Being a LEED certified gold standard green building, Burlingham Hall is setting new standard for environmentally friendly buildings of the future. This section of the web site well explain just what makes Burlingham so "green".

Virtual Tour

The virtual tour section will give you an inside and outside look at Burlingham from the prospective of someone touring the hall. It is like being at Burlingham Hall without actually being there. In depth video tours will show you every part of the Hall. This is the place to start if your a prospecting student.


The conference section has information about Burlingham Hall's conference area. Along with being a residence hall, Burlingham has a separate conference hall for use by the general public.

Other Info

Here you will find other, more technical information along with contact information.