How To Apply for On-Campus Housing

The Housing Department, in an effort to become more sustainable and to empower students, is in the process of upgrading the application for housing to an online process for the 2013-2014 academic year. This will not only eliminate the need for a paper application, but our hope is the process as a whole will become more user friendly for students. Details and specifics of how to apply for housing will be made available at a later date.


The details below are only applicable for the 2012-2013 academic year.


New Undergraduate Students/ELI Students
All newly admitted and re-admitted students under the age of 20 years old will automatically receive an application for on-campus housing from the Admissions Office. If you have definitely decided that you will be a Pacific student, mail the completed application back to the Pacific University Admissions office as soon as possible. If you are applying to live in Burlingham Hall, Gilbert Hall (must be 19 years old prior to the end of the Fall term or have fulfilled one year of the residency requirement to be eligible), or Vandervelden Court (must be 20 years old prior to the end of the Fall term or have fulfilled the two year residency requirement to be eligible), you will need to submit a $100 non-refundable housing application fee along with your housing application. Please make the check payable to Pacific University. Please note the $100 housing application fee is not required if requesting to live in Clark Hall, McCormick Hall, or Walter Hall or are a new International student.

Current Undergraduate/ELI Students/Professional Students Without a Bachelor's Degree
Each spring (April) a housing lottery is held to give returning students an opportunity to select a new space and their roommate(s) for the next academic year if they choose to remain in on-campus University Housing. Any returning student who is eligible to live off-campus and who chooses not to select on-campus housing during the housing lottery and then seeks it, will not be given confirmation of availability until August.


Room Assignments

All newly admitted and re-admitted students under the age of 20 years old are assigned to housing based on a combination of factors: the date the enrollment deposit is received by the Admissions Office (date the Housing Application is received for new ELI students) and the preferences listed on the Housing Application. The earlier the Housing Application is received, the better chance we have of matching students with similar interests.  We do guarantee that all students required to live on campus will be assigned housing. Typically, students 19 years old and younger prior to the end of the Fall term are assigned to Clark Hall and Walter Hall. These are the buildings that generally have vacancies after the returning students select their housing.

Students who are 20 years or older prior to the end of the Fall term will be assigned housing based on availability. If availability is limited students may be encouraged to research off campus housing.


Special Accomodations

If you require special housing accommodations due to a documented health condition, you must do the following:

1. Complete the Special Housing Request section on the Housing Application.
2. Complete the forms on the Learning Support Services (LSS) website.
3. Send medical documentation to the LSS Office.