Housing Lottery: Select Your Room for 2010-13

Other Important Lottery Information

Cancellation Fee

Eligibility Requirements

Missed Lottery

Housing Wait List

Last Chance Lottery

Not on Campus Next Year


Cancellation Fee

Eligibility Requirements

Pacific University requires all students under 20 years of age prior to the beginning of the fall term to live and board on-campus unless the student has fulfilled the University's two-year residency requirement.

     Residency Waiver

Students seeking an exemption must contact the Housing Office to obtain a Residency Waiver Request form. The completed waivers should be returned to the Housing Office. The Residency Options Committee reviews requests the first Tuesday of each month. The Committee decision will be emailed to the applicant’s Pacific account within 5 business days of the date the committee convenes.


     Residence Hall Eligibility

Clark Hall, McCormick Hall, New Hall, or Walter Hall:

These residence halls are generally for students 19 years old and younger prior to the beginning of the Fall term. 


Burlingham Hall or Gilbert Hall:

These residence halls are for students that are 19 years old and older prior to the beginning of the Fall term or have completed one year of the two year residency requirement.

Vandervelden Court:

This residence hall for students that are 20 years old and older prior to the beginning of the Fall term or have completed the two year residency requirement.


Missed Lottery
Any returning student who chooses not to participate in the Housing Lottery process and then desires housing for 2014-15, will participate in a different housing assignment process. Contact Housing for details.



Housing Wait List [Top]

If you did not receive your preferred assignment, the wait list gives you the opportunity to be considered for future vacancies in the residence halls.

  • To be eligible for the Housing Wait list, you must have participated in the Housing Lottery.


Last Chance Lottery

Returning students who paid the $100 housing lottery entrance fee, completed the online housing application, but did not make a room selection by the published deadline or had a group size larger than the available rooms could accommodate may still select housing for the Fall.


Not on campus next year?


If you have specific questions regarding the Housing Lottery or would like more general information, our designated housing lottery walk-in office hours start February 24 and end on April 30 (excludes March 10 - 14 & Spring Break).


                                          Mon/Wed: 9am - 11am

                                          Tue/Thu: - 2pm - 4pm

                                          Fri: 12:30pm - 3pm








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