Housing Lottery: Select Your Room for 2012-13

STEP 3 - Roommate Selection

You must select a roommate(s) that are eligible for the Housing Lottery. Space cannot be held for any student that did not meet all published Housing Lottery deadlines.


Click this link for instructions on how to select your roommate(s) for Fall 2014.


Selection Without A Roommate

You may select a room without a roommate. However, you are strongly encouraged to bring in enough roommates to fill the entire room or unit. If you are unable to secure enough roommates, any other Housing Lottery entrant may select the open rooms in the same room or unit. This means that you are relinquishing control of whom you live with. If you want to know in advance whom you will be living with, you must secure your roommate(s) by April 12 at 5pm.


Desire Incoming Student As A Roommate

If you would like to live with an incoming student for Fall 2014, you must make sure they meet all the requirements to be part of the Housing Lottery.
The incoming student would have to be a deposited student to Pacific University by March 8, 2013. You would have to report their name, email address and their deposit status to the Housing Office by March 8, 2013. The Housing Office would then have to get the incoming student into the system and this would only allow them approximately two days to pay their non-refundable $100 Lottery Entrance Fee. They would then need to follow all other established Housing Lottery deadlines.
No space can be held during the Lottery for incoming students unless they follow the steps outlined above.
The Housing Office will not be managing this for you, so be sure to follow-through as stated.


McCormick Suite Policy

You may select the person you wish to room with you in the suite; however, you will not be allowed to select the student(s) to be your suitemate(s) - individual(s) who would occupy adjoining suites.



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