How To Get One

Notetakers are hired to assist students who, because of a disability, cannot effectively take notes in class. A notetaker is a student who is enrolled in the class where the notes are needed. The responsibility of the notetaker is to copy his or her own class notes for the student. As a result, the notetaker will receive an honorarium for their assistance.

If a student is in need of a notetaker for one or more courses, the student and the LSS office will work together through the following procedures:

  1. Before LSS can help, the student must turn in the proper paperwork documenting their disability. After the paperwork is turned in, the student needs to let LSS know what courses they need notetakers for. This should be done close to the beginning of the semester.
  2. You can ask someone in your class who you know to be responsible and a good notetaker and send that person to our office to fill out the necessary paperwork. Many juniors and seniors use this method because they know a lot of the people in their classes and know who will be reliable.
  3. You may also request that LSS send the following excerpt to your professors to make an announcement in class:  

         "The office of Learning Support Services is looking for a student in this class who is

         willing to copy his/her notes for a classmate with a disability.  This notetaker must

         have consistently good attendance and take legible, thorough notes.  A person who

         types his/her notes is preferred when available.  Notetakers are offered an

         honorarium of $10 per credit/per semester for their assistance.  If you are interested,

         please contact LSS, Scott hall, Room 204; email or call



Notetaker Policy:

Notetaker services are set up to assist students with receiving notes only when the student requesting notetaker services attends class.

How to get your notes:

You need to work with your notetaker on how often you want the notes -- after every class? once a week? only before exams? -- and make sure you're both clear on what you need and want.


PLEASE NOTE: LSS cannot guarantee that a notetaker will be found for every course requested, although they will do everything they can to help find the student the assistance needed. Also, if a student is having problems with a chosen notetaker, he or she needs to contact the LSS office immediately.

How To Be One

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