Standing Regular Committees

Finance Committee

This committee oversees and manages the budget process review and makes decisions with regard to the allocations of student activity fees to clubs and organizations. In addition, this committee handles requests for travel funds for conference attendance, fees for speakers on campus, and other funding requests for academically related endeavors.

Core Administration Committee

This committee is an enabling committee where clubs and organizations could get and give information about meeting organizational goals. This committee will assist clubs and organizations with an analysis of needs and the preparation of requests for funding. This committee could also offer forums, workshops or trainings on such issues as publicity, the nuts and bolts of leadership development, meeting goals, and the like.

Communications Committee

This committee would deal with promotions, advertising, publicity, web pages, reach-outs and other methods of letting the campus community know what PUCC stands for and is doing. This committee would also be responsible for Boxer Basics.

Campus Betterment Committee

This committee would review and make recommendations relative to any of quality of life issues our students might face. The committee will work for the enhancement of such items as facilities, campus improvements, student safety, food, and transportation. This committee would liason with University departments and divisions (University Advancement, Alumni Relations, Academic Affairs, Student Life) to bring student concerns to these departments and bring departmental concerns back to PUCC. This committee also provides input to the President's Office with student feedback and desires relative to commencement including recommendations for commencement speakers.

Programming Committee

This is a pro-active committee which will reach out to students to elicit feedback and assess needs with relation to national, community and campus issues and their effect on our student body. This committee develops election guidelines and oversees election processes. This committee would also deal with student concerns and developmental opportunities that don't fall into anything above.