Finding the Right Group For You

Being a member of a student organization enriches your years at Pacific University in many ways. The good friends and good times help transform what is sometimes a large overwhelming institution into a place you can call "home". Student organizations also give you opportunities to explore new interests, develop skills, enhance your academic program while having an impact on the University community. You may want to get involved, but with over 50 organizations on campus, you may wonder how to find the best group for you.

You've made a good start by beginning the investigation process here. We have helpful staff and lots of information to start you on your way. Our advice is to first consider: What's Important To Me?
Ask yourself some of these questions:

What Kind Of Groups Are There?
Pacific University is a melting pot of people, ideas and concerns. There are many organizations in each of the following categories:

Mission of Pacific University

The mission of Pacific University is to provide an education of exceptional quality in liberal arts and sciences, and in selected professional programs to prepare students for service to a changing community, nation and world.

In addition to our mission, Pacific University values