Welcome To ACE Board

Activities and Cultural Events (ACE) Board

Advisor: Pete Erschen

Phone: 503.352.3127

E-mail: peterj@pacificu.edu

ACE Board Chairperson: Joe Plaugher

Phone: 707.217.2596

E-mail: plau1188@pacificu.edu


            Ace board is the student programming board for Pacific University.  This group of students meets on a weekly basis throughout the academic year to plan and coordinate activities and cultural events for the student body. Past events that ACE Board has sponsored include: Noon Tunes,Lip Sync,Mensch, Norman Ng, Preacher Moss and Rock Band Competitions.

            Ace Board is always seeking new members with fresh ideas. If you are passionate about bringing interesting films, speakers, music, and other fun and relevant events to campus, then ACE Board is the group for you. You will have the ability to make your voice be heard, while gaining a valuable experience and bring quality events to your fellow students. If you would like to become involved with ACE Board please contact the advisor, Steve Klein at kleinsk@pacificu.edu or 503-352-2822.

           If your student club organization is seeking funding or sound support for your next activity or event please contact the advisor, Jenn Crowder, about getting on the next ACE Board meeting agenda.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create a successful event. 

Fall Events

Spring Events