Welcome To The Biology Club

Biology Club

Advisor: Pam Lopez & Ed Alkaslassy

Email: alkaslae@pacificu.edu   

President: Adrienne Wilburn

Email: wilb8008@pacificu.edu

Vice President: Angel Dolores

Email: dolo2805@pacificu.edu

Secretary: Tori Kon

Email: kon9441@pacificu.edu                                        

Treasurer: Kerstin Amezuca

Email: amez3997@pacificu.edu



By exploring and studying nature we will enhance our knowledge outside the classroom and increase our awareness of the environment. The preservation of our biological community is of utmost importance. All students interested in the biological world are welcome to join the club. Encouragement is given to those in the natural sciences departments.


Bi-monthly meetings and planned activities emphasizing biological theme; restoration, hiking, and animal awareness issues are important to us.