Going Greek

"Joining the Greek system is a great opportunity to make a close group of friends that gives you a strong support system through coming years"

- Shannon Soper, Phi Lambda Omicron

Prospective Members


Thinking of joining a Greek organization?  At Pacific University, fraternities and sororities typically conduct recruitment in the fall semester during October and in the spring semester during February.  Recruitment is done informally, so the activities and time commitment varies per group.  You are encouraged to contact the president of an organization you are interested in to get more information on their group’s recruitment.

The Four Pillars of Greek Life

Greek groups are values-based organizations.  While some unique values may vary between groups, all Greek groups at Pacific University share a set of values known as the Four Pillars of Greek Life.

I.  Scholarship

II. Leadership

III. Friendship

IV. Service

Greek Activities and Events

Greek organizations are very active in providing social and educational programs and service opportunities to the campus community.  You can see Greeks in action in the photo gallery.  Some programs that Greek organizations have held on campus and in the surrounding community in the past include: