Greek Activities Review Panel

What is GARP?

The Greek Activities Review Panel (GARP) reviews alleged infractions of Greek policies brought to the group by a formal complaint. This review process is done through a formal hearing in which GARP ultimately determines whether or not a Greek individual or Greek chapter is responsible for the violation. A violation of Greek policies could result in formal sanctions, such as verbal or written reprimands, warnings, probation, suspension of specific privileges, fines, and/or restitution. Infractions of Greek policies are brought to GARP via a written complaint that uses the GARP Incident Information Form.

The Inter-Greek Council is authorized to deal with infractions of its constitution and by-laws, Inter-Greek policies, standards, and procedures, violation of the relationship statement between Greek organizations and the University, and any action determined to adversely affect members of the Greek community.


GARP Responsibilities



There are 9 total members of GARP, including one representative from each Greek chapter, the GARP chair (the IGC Vice-President), and the GARP advisor (the Pacific University Greek advisor). However, there are only 7 voting members, those being the representatives from each chapter.

The GARP Chairperson for the 2007-2008 academic year is Tiffany Sorenson, IGC Vice President. She may be contacted at



All members of GARP are bound to a strict code of confidentiality until it is decided that information regarding a complaint should be released.


How do I issue an official Greek-related complaint?

Whenever possible, complaints should be resolved at the lowest possible level. GARP recommends that Greek members attempt to resolve conflict through conversation. GARP is available to mediate these conversations if necessary.

If satisfactory resolution is not achieved through informal means, a formal Greek judicial process can be initiated by any member involved in an incident. First, fill out a GARP Incident Complaint Form. This form may be downloaded as a PDF below. When the form is complete, return it to either the IGC Vice President or the Greek Life Program Coordinator.


GARP Incident Complaint Form (PDF)