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Here at Pacific University we encourage all students to become involved with student activities to enhance their academic, cultural, social and recreational experiences outside the classroom through participation in group programs and activities. Our students are broken out into two governing bodies: one for undergraduates known as the Student Senate and one for the graduate programs known as the Professional Programs Council (PPC).

CASSS and PPC work with students from their respective areas to provide a student voice within the University government structure and to make decisions as to how funds will be used from the student activity fees. Clubs and organizations within the student body are also recognized and funded by Student and Professional Student Senates.

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Student Senate

Professional Student Senate

Clubs and Organizations

CORE is run by the Student Senate Vice-President and is in charge of the recognition process and acts a liaison between the senate and the individual clubs and organizations.

List of Student Activities

Posting Guidelines

1. Sponsoring individuals or organizations must be clearly identified on the front or back of the poster or flyer. (Remember to include date, time, and location in your poster/flyer text).

2. Posters and flyers may not be posted on to painted walls, trees, plants, poles, windows and glass doors unless area is designated for posting.

3. Only one poster/flyer permitted per posting area.

4. Please do not post over the top of other material or remove other posted information unless the information is outdated.

5. Please use push pins or thumbtacks on bulletin boards. In other designated posting areas please use blue painters tape; this low-impact tape is provided in the following offices: PUCC, RHA, IGC, and the PIC.

6. Non-promotional printed material will be removed monthly. Promotional material sponsors are responsible for the removal of their flyers within 48 hours after the date of the event.

7. Chalking is permitted within 20 feet of the Residence Halls and the UC. Please do not chalk under overhangs as rain water will not reach these areas and it requires custodial to clean up these areas.

8. Posters and banners posted in the Residence Halls must be approved through the Residence Life and Housing Office.

9. Approved PUCC student organizations may order six-foot banners through the Student Activities Office. Please submit your PUCC club account number with banner draft 10 days in advance from when the banner is needed.