Welcome to the International Club

International Club:

President: Truc Tran

E-mail: tran2597@pacificu.edu

Vice President/Treasurer: Qianru "Vivian" Wang

E-mail: wang9504@pacificu.edu

Secretary: Sharlene Pranger

E-mail: pran0725@pacificu.edu

Social Chair: Quan Le

E-mail: le6313@pacificu.edu

ELI Rep: Anna Endo

E-mail: endo2414@pacificu.edu

Advisor: Megan Serenco

Phone: 503.352.1562

E-mail: mserenco@pacificu.edu


Mission Statement:

Ever wanted to learn how to say hello in ten different languages? Or maybe you just enjoy hanging out with people who aren't all from the same time zone? Join the International Club to meet U.S. and international students who all share a passion for exploring new cultures.