Welcome to the Newman Club

President: Carolyn Cartwright
Vice President: Bryan Cholico
CASSS Rep: Lauren Seeger
Secretary: Kayla Williams
Treasurer: Carlos Esparza
ECA Core Rep: Blake Richards
St. Anthony's Adviser: Jessica Crenshaw

Pacific Faculty Adviser:Dawn Bregal


We are a group of College Students who want to go to Mass together, have fun together, and learn more about our Faith. The Newman Club is an Official Club of Pacific University, with strong support from St. Anthony’s Catholic Church. We welcome Non-Catholic students who want to hang out and pray with us, students from other colleges, and Young Adults. Come join us!

We are a highly active group and have weekly bible study, attend church together and do some kind of large activity at least once a month. Some of the activities we have done this year have been participating in Relay for Life, 24-hour service fair, serving dinner at a retirement center, Christmas Cards for Soldiers, Boxer Bash, a concert, Club Fair, Easter together for those who can't go home, and a Catholic Youth rally in Portland.

Bible Study is every Sunday after 9:30am mass. We meet is the Parish hall after mass to pray and eat together.