Welcome To Pi Kappa Rho


Pi Kappa Rho Fraternity

President: Sean Iverson

E-mail: iver0102@pacificu.edu

Vice President: CJ Fernandez

E-Mail: fern4344@pacificu.edu

Secretary: Shea Delano

E-Mail: dela6433@pacificu.edu

Treasurer: Jeremiah Fallin

E-mail: fall1377@pacificu.edu

Advisor: Pete Erschen

Phone: 503.352.3127

E-mail: peterj@pacificu.edu

Minister of Charitable Affairs: Andrew Wagner

Integration Coordinator: Robbie Boles

Greek Senator: Michael Weingart

Minister of Propaganda: Lincoln Weaver

Alumni Coordinator: CJ Fernandez



We, the members of Pi Kappa Rho, agree to adhere to the rules outlined in this code of conduct.

Pi Kappa Rho was founded on the belief that men of Pacific University need a strong, campus-oriented group, free from substance use often associated with college life. Members own personal lives are of their own choosing, but all activities associated with the group are drug and alcohol free. By encouraging political, community, and mental engagement, we hope to enhance our intellect and be well-rounded members of the campus community.

Members of Pi Kappa Rho shall not associate their fraternity or its letters with any party that shall have alcohol or substances that violate the Charter. Members shall attend fraternity activities free of the influences of alcohol or controlled substances. Pi Kappa Rho shall not host or sponsor any party or event where there is any alcohol or controlled substances present. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances may be purchased through the fraternity treasury. Members shall not purchase or provide or be involved in the furnishing of alcohol or controlled substances in the name of or on behalf of the Pi Kappa Rho fraternity or its letters.

Members always represent the fraternity, even away from fraternity activities. Members are not restricted in their personal conduct, but are expected at all times to maintain a respectable demeanor. Members are expected to follow all the rules set forth by Pacific University on student conduct outlined in the student handbook and other university policy. The Fraternity as a whole shall review alleged violations of our charter by any member and assign sanctions as appropriate.

Our initiation process shall be known as Integration. All new members must complete the integration process. New members will spend time with current members, participate in the Integration activities, and be evaluated by the group to assess their compatibility with the group.

The guidelines set forth by the charter are not amendable. The Pacific University chapter of Pi Kappa Rho must always live by the guidelines outlined in the charter and constitution. If this fraternity becomes inactive and at some time a new group of men wish to revive Pi Kappa Rho, they will have to live by the charter and constitution to be allowed to use the letters or name of Pi Kappa Rho.