Welcome To Politics and Law Forum


Welcome to Pacific University 's Politics and Law Forum (PLF) !

PLF is an integral part of the political landscape at Pacific University . As a nonpartisan organization, PLF brings local and national speakers, campaigns, and presentations from fields related to politics to students. Our efforts revolve around educating Pacific and the surrounding communities about the many aspects of politics—including politicians, political processes, and much more.

Each year is unique and different; with the Tom McCall Forum as our only established, annual event, members of the Politics and Law Forum largely drive the schedule. Such independence allows limitless possibilities. For instance, PLF sponsored a pizza party for “Super Tuesday” in the February primaries, then hosted town halls and televised debates with the major U.S. Senate candidates from Oregon .

PLF embraces and accepts students at all of its meetings and events, and appreciates input for new activities and ideas to expand our presence.

We hope you join us for the exciting opportunities available in the Politics and Law Forum !

Best Wishes,

Mark Truax



Politics & Law Forum

Advisor: Jules Boykoff

Phone: 503.352.2887

Email: boykoff@pacificu.edu

President: TBD



Treasurer: TBD




Mission Statement:

The Politics and Law Forum was developed in order to involve students in the planning of the Tom McCall forum: hosting panel discussions and lectures and bringing students together who share an interest in politics and law.


All students from Pacific University are welcome. Membership will be accepted on a continuous basis.