Welcome To RHA Residence Hall Association

Residence Hall Association:

Advisor: Lindsey Blem

Phone: 503.352.2045

E-mail: lindseyb@pacificu.edu

President: Kate Schiewe

E-mail: kates@pacificu.edu

Financial Coordinator: Jackson Frisbie

E-mail: fris9709@pacificu.edu

Pacific University's Residence Housing Association, more commonly known around campus as RHA, is the student government that oversees life in our campus' residence halls & apartment complex. You as a student are automatically a part of RHA by living on campus in either Walter, Clark, McCormick, or Burlingham Hall, or Vandervelden Apartments. RHA is run by an executive board of seven students and an advisor, who work to provide a voice for you in the campus community and serve as a connection between you and Pacific's administration.

Though RHA works with many aspects of campus life, as a student you will most likely see us in action through our work with your hall council and on-campus programming. Hall Council is the student government within each residence hall, which is overseen and supported by RHA. At the beginning of the year, you will have the opportunity to become and/or elect a representative for your hall. Those representatives' main responsibility is to help build community through programming, policy change, and representation of residents. However, RHA's biggest function in the halls is to provide programming to the residents who live there. We put on several programs a semester, including Outdoor movies, Hall-O-Safe, and late night games of Capture the Flag, just to name a few.

RHA not only works to stay connected to other groups on campus, but also works to stay connected to other schools in our region as well as the rest of the country. Pacific University's RHA is a member of PACURH (Pacific Affiliation of College & University Residence Halls) a region of NACURH (National Affiliation of College & University Residence Halls). By making these connections, we are better able to keep up with what is happening at other schools and bring those ideas and experiences back to Pacific.

RHA meets weekly in order to plan programs or discuss current issues concerning students. They also facilitate the RHA/Hall Council Open Forum in order to keep everyone updated on what is happening around campus, especially in the Residence Halls. If you have any ideas for programs we could put on or issues you feel need to be addressed, feel free to come by our meetings, drop by the RHA office located in the lower level of the UC, or call us at x6773.

More information: National Residence Hall Honorary