For Faculty and Staff

Pacific has actively been recruiting transfer students in the last few years. We believe it is important for us to give you information about these students and ways in which you may be able to advise them that are different to those of traditional age or experience. Below you will find topics on resources, statistics and demographics, helpful advising information and research done by Tinto on the subject of Transfers. This is provided for you as a resource to help us make the transition for these students easier.

Advising Transfer Students At Pacific

What would you need to know if you were a transfer student? First you can give them the information for the Office of Transfer Student Services as a direct area for them to gain support or information.

Most frequently asked questions of new Transfers are:

Demographics and Statistics of Current Transfer Students at Pacific




Ask why the student has decided to come to Pacific University.

Discuss the transfer work and how the courses transferred will meet the degree requirements.

Discuss any extra paperwork that may need to be completed.

Discuss the importance of using academic evaluation.

Discuss the courses appropriate for the student's first semester at Pacific.

Give the student your contact information for any concerns or questions.

Remind the student to take care of any unfinished business.