Office of Marketing & Communications

The Office of Marketing and Communications is responsible for managing the Pacific University brand, with a focus on marketing and communications to an external audience.

The role of the department is to increase visibility and awareness of Pacific University to support the following.

We work with traditional and new media channels. Our goal is to approach all of our marketing and advertising in an engaging, consistent, integrated and branded way.

We balance our marketing and communications priorities between the marketing requests we receive and the marketing initiatives set forth based on the mission and the vision of the University. Your project requests should be submitted on an annual basis or as needed 4 to 6 weeks in advance for consideration.

The functional areas of responsibility within the department are listed below.

Our website is managed in a centralized and decentralized business model with content web editors throughout the Pacific community who are responsible for maintaining and updating the webpages in their individual centers, institutes, programs, schools, colleges and departments.

More Information

Who You Gonna Call? (PDF)