About UIS

University Information Services serves the technology needs of all Pacific University students, faculty, staff and alumni across all 5 campuses. Our highly trained staff look forward to helping you with your technology needs. The best way to access UIS’ wide variety of services is to contact the helpdesk. The Health Professions Information Services office specializes in supporting students, faculty and staff from our health professions programs and can be reached at 503-352-7243 or at HPC 211. The Technology Information Center specialized in supporting everyone else and can be reached at 503-352-1500 or at Marsh Lower Level. Both can be reached by emailing help@pacificu.edu.


A Special Message From UIS


Welcome to Pacific University! Here at UIS we are believers in technology, in the power of technology to make lives easier and expand the capabilities of everyday people. Yet we also know that technology can only do this with help. Technology can’t make your life easier when you aren’t trained on how to use it or when you are suffering under bugs and malfunctions. That’s why the first and most important thing we want you to know about UIS is that we are here to help. Call us if there’s anything we can do to make technology something that makes your life easier, not harder.


The second thing we’d like you to know is that UIS will never ask you to send us your password via email. Anyone who emails you asking for your password is not UIS and you should not respond to them.


The third thing we’d like you to know is that all Pacific University students have access to full, professional virus protection on their personal computers at no cost to them. See Software Recommendations for more.


Thanks for reading and let’s have a great year at Pacific!


-the staff of UIS