Digital Television (DTV)

The date for Digital Television (DTV) transition has changed to June 12, 2009. Pacific is working to ensure that our community is informed with the new developments that are taking place with the DTV conversion. Federal law mandages thats starting on June 12, 2009, not February 17, 2009, all broadcast TV signals (i.e. ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, Univision, etc.) must now be broadcast in digital format. Any television that is not designed to carry a digital signal will now have to have a converter or a box from your local cable provider, such as Comcast.

None of the equipment Pacific University uses will be effected by this change of broadcast. Pacific University has a multi-year agreement with Comcast and there is no need for a digital converter box in the residence hall lobbys or academic buildings unless specialized channels are required.

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Comcast Cable Conversion

In addition to the Digital Television (DTV) conversion, Comcast Cable is updating much of its in-house hardware equipment. The implementation date varies depending on location. In order to determine what is needed, Comcast provides three options: